RefresherHaven't flown for a while and would like a polish up on your flying skills. You will be amazed how much we can teach you.

5 day course (10 hours flying)

Un-restrictedThis course is minimum of twenty five hours instruction and the national average is 35 hours to complete the training. You will require the best part of three weeks.

21 day course (25 hours)

This course is a minimum of 15 hours instruction and is designed to get you going with a microlight license without doing the 5 hours of navigation training (which can be added later).

10-14 day course (15 hours)

Mountain FlyingMountain courses at Gap Tallard are available all year round and are available on a one to one basis or for groups who wish to fly out from the UK in their own aircraft.This course is aimed at those who would like to learn something new and is ideal for the already qualified pilot. The course can be done in both flexwing and fixed wing. The aim is to teach pilots how to make the most out of flight in mountainous regions. This includes landing at the altisurfaces such as Alpe D'Huez or Courchevel. We also fly to some of the more remote strips such as La  Motte Chalancon . These remote strips are perched in a stunning location and are surrounded by the most spectacular scenery. They make an ideal place for a picnic lunch. The course will provide you with the techniques necessary to land on small mountain strips as well as large tarmac altiports. In short landing at these airfields is not only very exciting but also provides the pilot with a real sense of  accomplishment. See our fixed wing video by clicking this link:

Additional tasks on the course include thermal flying and how to make the best out of the aircraft in challenging conditions. The course is based on eight hours of flight time and includes all the classroom briefings . If you want a truly memorable experience that teaches you new things then this is the course for you. If you simply wish to improve your overall level of confidence then this course will also fit your needs.

Gap Tallard is perfectly situated to allow flight to the mountain strips from as little as ten minutes flight time. You can also overfly Mont Blanc as can be seen on our media section.(Note oxygen will be provided if you wish to do this!). If you throw in the fact that we have the best weather for flying in the whole of France then you can be sure that you will not be disappointed.

Course duration 4-5  days (8-10 hours of flying)

A recent student made this video which we believe captures the essence of mountain flying with Pegasus France.


FlexwingThis course is ideal if you are taking your family or partner to Tallard. You will start flying in the morning at 8am and be finished by midday. This will allow you two hours of flying time and still be able to spend the afternoon doing other things. We can offer the holiday course for as little as two day's or more if you wish.

Six day course (6-12 hours flying)

Guided Mountain courses at Gap Tallard.

If you would like to come and fly with us in a group then we now offer a guiding service. This allows a group of up to 4 pilots to fly out from the UK and be based at Gap Tallard. Your course will involve one to one tuition on a rotation basis with an aim to getting the whole group around the Hautes Alpes region including Meribel, Alpe de Huez, Courchevel and many of the altisurfaces . You will be able to fly over Mont Blanc and go as far as the south coast of France if you wish. We can help with your routing from the UK to make fuel stops easy and will take care of your needs on your arrival. The flying is quite intensive and sorties vary from two to four hours per day. We will endeavour to take photos of your daily activities and place them on our blog the same day so as your friends and family can keep up with what you are up to. We request that all machines are 4 stroke and in current permit to fly. A truly memorable experience and great fun at the same time. The course cost is £450 per plane.

Course duration 4-5 days (8-10 hours of flying)

View the CAA website The flying instructor course has a minimum requirement of 15 hours flight training and forty hours of ground school. This will give you all the preparation you require to start a career in microlight flight instruction. The course is fully UK approved by the civil aviation authority for the issue of the AFI rating. Our school has been audited by the CAA .We have ten years experience of delivering these courses with a high success rate and have perhaps the best place in Europe to carry out this course. Our weather at Tallard offers no impediment to getting the flying hours done and our ground syllabus training is tailored so as you are ready to go when you qualify. We conduct these courses both in flexwing and fixed wing microlights. Given the nature of the flying time involved we will usually take students into some of the mountain strips en-route.

2-3 week course £4300 for the basic course.

ConversionThis course takes a week and we will guide you through the coversion from conventional controls to being competent on the flexwing/fixed wing aircraft. Experience the joy of the open cockpit for a change or warm your feet with the heater in the skyranger.This course is based on ten hours of flying and includes all theory and briefs required. (1 week course)

AdvancedThis course allows you to improve your microlight skills in the areas of forced landings, take off's and landings, mountain strips, thermal flying and navigation or preparation for an instructors course.

1 week course (10 hours flying)


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