Simon Jeffrey Simon first got into aviation when he was 12 years old. After a few lessons on a Cessna 150 he decided that flying would be an important part of his future. At the age of 25 he dabbled with gliding before taking the plunge into microlighting. After gaining his licence in 2000, he became a regular flyer at Insch, Nr Aberdeen and later at Perth Airport.

As a keen pilot Simon gained his JAR PPL and night rating, but eventually decided to stick with microlights and to become an instructor. Whilst working for Pegasus France he has become a knowledgable instructor with over 3000 hours of training experience in both flex and fixed wing aircraft.

Recently Simon has taken up hang gliding and enjoys soaring over the local mountains on his time off.



Here is Simon enjoying a cup of tea at La Motte Chaloncon mountain strip.Simon Jeffrey

Marcus Dalgetty Marcus is the School´s Chief flying instructor. He started flying hang gliders at the age of 18 and still does to this day. Since 1997 Marcus has been working as a full time microlight instructor. He now has over 5,200 hours on both fixed and flexwing aircraft and has numerous qualifications to his name; member of the BMAA panel of examiners, CAA examiner, microlight inspector, flying instructor course instructor, BHPA senior coach, airframe and Rotax service engineer.Marcus is always keen to take on new challenges and this is why he expanded his company Pegasus Scotland and created Pegasus France in 2000. Marcus qualified this year as a French instructor in both fixed wing and flexwing microlights.


As well as teaching beginners he is now involved in mountain training which involves teaching pilots to land on mountain altisurfaces (steep runways) and altiports including Meribel and Courchevel. On his days off Marcus goes hang gliding for fun!

(Marcus and his beloved Moyes Litespeed S4.5)


Pegasus France
Aérodrome de Gap-Tallard
Haute Alpes

Tel: 06 13 62 73 73

GPS: N44 27.502 E006 02.232


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